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Immerse yourself in the most luxurious and relaxing hot tub experience out there with the Canadian Spa Company line of hot tubs available at Paradise Water Spas.

Canadian Spa Company hot tubs were designed to include as many high-end luxurious features as possible making it one of the best hot tubs to own on the market. These hot tubs come in many different sizes and layouts. Some have full loungers and captain seats while others have bench style seating. Be sure to take a look at each model to find the exact one for you!

Enjoy features such as:

Aromatherapy canisters – This allows you to put aromatherapy packages into the canister slot to give your hot tub a fresh aroma while enjoying the water. It really brings different senses to your relaxation process. 

LED Multi-Colored Mood Lighting – Fully adjustable interior mood lighting lights up the entire hot tub for an amazing light show. Sure to impress any guest!

LED Backlit Waterfall – Watch the cascading backlit waterfall for an extra luxurious feel.

Factory Installed Ozone – Ozonators help reduce chemical usage and help with water maintenance so you don’t have to do as much work. It’s a win, win!

Surround Sound MP3 Player – Enjoy your favorite album or playlist with a booming surround sound system. Jam out to relaxing jungle noises or turn up the beat for an energetic party.

Adjustable Hurricane Jets – These adjustable hurricane jets take hydro-therapy to a whole new level. Each individual jet can be adjusted to allocate the water pressure to really dial in where the sore spots are. Truly an unbelievable sensation.

No matter what hot tub you go for whether it be the Yukon 2-person 35-jet plug & play, Niagara 7-person 60-jet, Ottawa 5-person 38 jet, or the Toronto 6-person 44jet hot tub you are going to get all these features! (Halifax does not have surround sound MP3 system)

Canadian Spa Company does not offer any sort of upgrade on any of their hot tubs because they include everything they offer already.