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Whether it be after a long day of work or just a relaxing night, there’s no better way to end your day than with the perfect AquaRest Spa.

The AquaRest Spas hot tub collection at Paradise Water Spas includes their rotationally molded spas. The medium-density polyethylene material used is 3 to 4 times lighter than normal acrylic hot tubs and can stand up to some of the harshest weathers. The lightweight feature makes it very easy to install and move around.

Discover the many different shapes and features that AquaRest have to offer. Choose from an intimate Ar 300 2-person 14 jet hot tub to roomy Ar 400 4-person 14 jet spa or opt-in to go big with the Ar 600 6-person 19 jet family or party-oriented hot tub. Other models to consider would be the Ar 200 4-person 14 jet and the Ar 500 5 person 19 jet hot tub. Some important features to keep in mind are the backlight waterfall and interior mood lighting which provide a great ambiance while enjoying your soak.

Each spa is designed for a plug and play function, any standard existing outlet will power the hot tub and no further electrical installations are needed. If you choose to upgrade to the deluxe package your AquaRest hot tub will be equipped with a more powerful heater and pump system, however, you will need to install a 220v outlet wherever you choose to place your spa. Another upgrade that we highly recommend is upgrading to a factory installed Ozonator. This will allow more oxygen to be pumped into the water naturally cleaning any material and bacteria from the water. You will ultimately reduce the amount of harsh chemicals used and maintenance time required to regulate your hot tub.

Whatever spa you decide to choose they all come with a load of benefits. Hydro-therapy has shown to decrease stress and anxiety as well as help with muscle tension, soreness, and sleep problems.